Media Day Is A Month Away!

The 27th annual Media Day is one month away. On March 6 at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado, professionals, CMU faculty, students and alumni will share their latest success stories, innovative strategies, and creative breakthroughs.

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Here are a few highlights of the program curated by the Public Relations Club of CMU:

Students will participate in a day full of workshops and lectures with CMU’s very own faculty such as:

  • Learn design with Dr. Megan Fromm
  • Writing journalism for social media with Dr. James Perez
  • Video Production with Professor Greg Mikolai
  • Photojournalism with Professor Ken Durham
  • Writing for Public Relations and Advertisement with Professor Danielle Martin

Get a feel for the real world through keynotes presented by professionals such as:

  • A discussion with Colorado Student Media Association’s Cory Morlock
  • Go through a day in the life of a Magic Moose Radio Station employee, Rachel Rose.
  • Learn the basics of obtaining public information with Erin McIntyre from the Daily Sentinel.

Lastly, Q&A with Student Media Leaders and alumni of CMU.

The event also features tours of the Mass Communications department and media clubs.

The workshops and sessions will be in two 50-minute sessions. Media Day also includes a lunch along with the announcement of the contest winners.

More about Media Day—including the full schedule of speakers and topics will be updated on the website and sent out in an email soon.

Media Day Registration Forms and Contest Entries are due Friday, February 17, 2017 


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